FACT: Video tapes won't last forever!

Transfer up to 2 hours of VHS footage directly to a single DVD!


VHS, Hi-8 and DV videocassettes degrade over time. They oxidize and they stretch. Things like your child's 1st birthday or your child's Kindergarten graduation. Transferring your home videos to DVD's can make the difference between reliving the past or having it fade away. You can preserve any of these events on DVD and not have to worry about Your old VHS tape degrading or breaking!


  1. Anniversaries

  2. Birthdays

  3. Family Reunion

  4. Recitals

  5. School Plays

  6. Sporting Events

  7. Vacationss

  8. Weddings


Hand us your VHS, Hi-8 or DV tape and we'll hand you back a "Personalized" DVD.


VHS Tape              DVD-R disc




Basic Transfer Service:



$35 - One 60 minute DVD

$30 - Each additional 60 minute DVD

$50 - One 120 minute DVD

$40 - Each additional 120 minute DVD




EXTRA Services

$15 - Additional copies of your DVD.


$10 - Custom DVD label (Personal photos accepted).



15% Discount when you covert 5 or more tapes.




Should I consider transferring my videos?


The answer is simply, yes. Especially if:

  • Your memories and lifetime events are important to you.

  • You have Videotapes older than 6 years.

  • You store home videos on the original camcorder tape.

  • You have old family movies on 8mm, VHS or DV

Will this disc play on all DVD players?


Nearly all newer DVD players will play DVD-R discs without any problem. Some older models however may not so if you are unsure if yours will accept DVD-R discs please email us the name and model of your DVD player and we can check for you.


Can I combine more than one video on my transfer?


Yes, as long as the total time does not exceed 2 hours. There is nearly always a small gap between the two segments though. There is also a $10.00 charge for additional video transfer.


How long does this service take?

 Our normal turn-around time is 7-10 business days. For expiditated service contact
Personalized Memories @ 1-866-626-4152


Can I get my discs printed with more than just text on them?

 Yes! We can do full color print directly on the DVD (not a sticky label).
We can print them with your picture, graphics, logos & etc.
Contact Personalized Memories @ 1-866-626-4152 for more information.


When will it be too late?


VHS Video and all other formats degrade and deteriorate over time. Every day that goes by, your tapes are degrading. If you wait any longer, it will be too late. When camcorders came out, manufacturers sold the ease of use. The trade off for the ease of use was life of the tape itself. Studies by the Sony Corporation and NASA put the average usable life of standard VHS tapes at 5-10 years.


Why do video tapes only last ten years?


They only last ten years because videotapes oxidize and stretch over time. Videotapes are made from a base of polyester, which is coated with polyurethane. The coating is a binder which holds the magnetic oxide particles. When a tape is played over 5 - 10 years, the oxide particles, which are no longer held by the binder, can drop off and the video signal information drops off with them.


What are the advantages to DVD?


FACT: DVD's outlive VHS by 90 years!

DVD delivers excellent video quality. While normal VHS tape only offers 200-300 vertical lines of resolution, a DVD allows a full 480 lines of resolution. This means your DVD will be just as crisp and clear as your original tape.


Is there a discount if I transfer more than one tape to DVD?


Yes! Please call for details. There is also a discount if you should need a large number of copies for example 25 copies of your wedding video for your family and guests.



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