Personalized Sports CD/DVD's:


APersonalized Sports CD $40.00
BAdditional CD's$17.50
CPersonalized Sports DVD$30.00
DAdditional CD's$15.00

*DVD's contain only the Slideshow and all photo images



Personalized Action Plaques:


A8 x 10" Action plaque with (1) 5x7 photo$30.00
B9 x 12" Action plaque with (2) 4x6 photos$35.00
C11 x 13" Action plaque with (1) 8x10 photo$40.00



Personalized Bookmarkers:


A(3) Personalized Sport Bookmarkers$10.00
B(5) Personalized Sport Bookmarkers$15.00
C(10) Personalized Sport Bookmarkers$25.00



Personalized Combo Packs:


APersonalized Sports CD  -  8x10" Plaque  -  3 Bookmarkers$60.00
BPersonalized Sports CD  -  9x12" Plaque  -  3 Bookmarkers$65.00
CPersonalized Sports CD  -  11x13" Plaque  -  3 Bookmarkers$70.00


  • How many times have you been at your child's game and accidentally forgot to bring your camera?

  • How many times have you missed them just as they scored the game winning goal or made a 3 point basket with their eyes closed. Better yet, how about when they flew in the air for that 1 handed you remember?

Ask your yourself:

  • How special would it be if you could relive some of those precious moments?

  • How great would it be to have 150 digital photographs of all these memories?

  • Wouldn't it be great if you had a Personalized Slide show viewable on your PC or home DVD player?


Personalized Sports Memorabilia


Personalized Sport CD's & DVD's


Each Personalized Sports CD/DVD consists of 150 digital photographs taken from different games throughout the season. (pre-season game, regular season game and playoff game).





Personalized Action Plaques

Each Personalized Action Plaque comes on a Marbleized wooden plaque with your choice of 4 colors (black, blue, green and white) and 3 sizes to choose from. Each Plaque will be Personalized and your child's name will be professionally engraved on the plaque.



Personalized Bookmarkers 

Each Personalized Bookmarker is 7 1/2 x 1 1/2 in size and comes with a color tassel. Each bookmarker is laminated on Kodak Heavy Weight High Gloss Photo paper. Bookmarkers are sold in packs of 3, 5 and 10.


*3 FREE Bookmarkers with every Combo pack purchased!



Personalized Combo Packs 

Our Combo Sport Packs are GREAT..... you save $10 instantly and each combo pack comes with 1 Personalized Sports CD/DVD, 1 Personalized Action Plaque and 3 Personalized Bookmarkers.