Each Sport's DVD will include 150 High quality digital photographs of your child, their teammates and some of the teams they played against throughout the season (pre-season games, regular seasons game and playoff games). At the end of the season, the photos taken are then converted into a Personalized Sport DVD.


Each Sport's DVD will include a Personalized Slideshow program, a Personalized Screen Saver program, a Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle and all 150 photos digital images (so you can do with the photos as you wish) *Plus... you get an unbreakable colored DVD case



1 Personalized Sports DVD

 1 Personalized Slide show    1 Colored DVD case

1 Personalized Screen saver

1 Personalized Jigsaw puzzle


*PC only

*Pc only




The Personalized Sports DVD is made to work on both your home DVD / BlueRay player as well as your computer DVD player however; some programs will not function on your home DVD player and *must be played on a PC.



* Sport DVD Prices *

$40 each Sport DVD

$15 each additional DVD




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