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Does it matter which web browser I use when visiting

No, our site will work with any browser (IE, Chrome, Mozilla, etc.) however, if you have an older version of these browsers, rendering time will be significantly longer.

Q:Should I pre-order my item (s) or should I wait until the end of the season?


In order for us to deliver your item(s) at the end of the season, we suggest you place your order before mid-season of any particular sport. Since our items are "personalized", we need a little time to create these items. *Although you place your order by mid-season, photos will be taken of your child through the end of the season and during the Playoffs (if they make it that far).

Q:How can I find my child's team?
A:We try our best to make your visit to as easy as possible. To locate your child's Region / Team, go to the navigator bar on your left and choose the Teams Covered link. If your Region is not listed, but you would like for your child's team to be covered, please contact us toll free at 1-866-626-4152 or email us at
Q:How will your items (s) be shipped?
A.Personalized Memories ships all items via USPS. *Team orders are delivered to the Team Parent.
Q:How can I get a hold of a Personalized Memories representative?
A.You can select the Contact PM page to your left or us the Live-Chat button on the bottom right-hand corner of this page.
Q:Do I you get a warranty?

Of course you do! If for any reason your DVD doesn't work or you're dissatisfied with your order, Personalized Memories will give you a full refund (shipping excluded).


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